School without Teachers

School without Teachers

School is a meeting place of students with their urge of learning and a teacher is its decorum. He benefits the students in no. of ways. It’s not only the matter of learning of new language, subject or a theory but also the development of thoughts, competence, desires, innovations etc.

But the question is can’t all this development and learning possible without a teacher?

For the answer we can take an example of 2-3 years old child. He doesn’t know anything at the time of birth but when he is exposed to the environment of his house, he soon adapts himself according to it and learns many things including his mother tongue. Not only this, there are many more such examples in the publication ‘Holes in the Wall’ showing how children learnt various things on their own. It includes how children who never had seen a computer learnt operating it and browsing.  The root cause of how this learning is possible is environment and their will to learn. So, it can be said that learning can be possible if the strong determination is there along with the suitable environment even if no teacher is there to guide.

Artificial intelligence can prove as game changing factor in such learning. Because of AI the technologies are becoming more and more user-friendly. Thus children can use it for the learning of new skills, software and much more. This can be helpful for both teenagers as well as for younger ones. Thus the education and their development is just one step away from them. Also online courses will provide a better substitute for real world teaching.

But is this the indication that 21st century doesn’t need teachers anymore?

Indeed AI can replace teachers in the field of teaching, but there are some duties which only a teacher can perform i.e. understanding student’s problems, motivating and guiding them. These technologies are seemed to modifying a teacher’s meaning i.e. a teacher can be informally anyone who guides students for their betterment. Thus technologies can be helpful in learning but a balance is to be there between teachers and technologies. Teacher’s guidance and technical support will provide a better learning environment.

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This article is purely based on personal views and presents a perception from the context of youth who demands justice to be done to education and its deliverance. Content Reference 1: HereContent Reference 2: Here, Image Source: Here