Collaboration over Competition

Collaboration over Competition

Collaborative education has transformed the way students interact with others by breaking down the walls both literally and figuratively. Collaboration over Competition has become the new norm. In the Competitive mode, studying is like a game where they can only be losers and winners, where one student succeeds and the other fails.

As Michael Jordan had stated, “Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships.”

An open atmosphere is created where children can share their views and innovative strategies. However, in competitive learning, they feel that they have to keep these ideas guarded and close to their chest so that someone does not steal them and bring it to teachers and achieve success first. In collaborative environments, this generation is encouraged to share and work together to arrive at new ideas, leading to a more adaptable, innovative and successful new generation which can help in the overall development of the world where everyone can live and act in harmony.

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Collaboration over competition results in meaningful relationships with other children as when one is curious about someone’s life and work, the relationship begins and gradually it flourishes. It also helps to learn new things together, which would not have been possible if they did not collaborate. Collaboration also encourages creativity and once someone begins sharing in addition, brainstorming ideas with like- minded people, creativity would be endless.

In a collaborative environment, children get the opportunity to work closely with other students and broaden their knowledge of the industry and the world around them. Mentors are thus very useful, and a collaborative work environment is a perfect place for this generation to pair up with one.

In a competitive environment, where someone has to outdo the other is very nauseating and thus in a collaborative environment where there is no pitting of students against each other, it can bring out their total potential. A collaborative environment gives one the chance to show off their leadership skills to teachers and it is natural for a leader to emerge from the pack in these environments, which would not be possible if teamwork and collaboration aren’t encouraged.


Article by Ayan NandiInternYes! I Am Happy

This article is purely based on personal views and presents a perception from the context of youth who demands justice to be done to education and its deliverance. Content Reference 1: Here, Content Reference 2: Here