Pallavi travelled 520 KMs a day to teach Origami

Pallavi travelled 520 KMs a day to teach Origami

Amazed? Yes! This is the inspiring story of a senior secondary graduate, Pallavi Rai (16).

Pallavi joined our internship Program in the month of September. Pallavi hails from the city of Lucknow, U.P., India. We were really amazed with the confidence she showed in herself during the internship. As a part of her internship, she was supposed to conduct a 2-day sessions with the children from classes 3-5 in a government school located in the remote village of  Piprauli Block, Gorakhpur, U.P., India.

At Yes! I Am Happy, we empower our interns to learn the 21st Century Skills through well researched tools from our creative bank and facilitate the same to the children from the government schools. For our current batch, we chose Origami as a tool to empower children with 4C’s in Education. Learn More.

Pallavi with exceptional confidence and creative wits accepted this opportunity to spread smiles. It takes 6 hours or ~260 Kms to reach from her city in Lucknow to the location where the session was supposed to be executed. Without giving a second thought, Pallavi travelled 520 KMs a day and made it happen! We were amazed with the quality of work she executed in teaching children, the art of Origami, in a creative way. Have a look at some of her work. You can check her work in detail, here.

This is what Pallavi shared during her selection process at Yes! I Am Happy, “I am a learner and want to gain experience from different fields. I love to learn and share my knowledge to others and I felt that this is the platform where I can learn as well as teach so I am willing to do so”. 

Pallavi surely inspires many of us. We will continue to support the youngsters like Pallavi to contribute to the lives of children form underprivileged background in the best way possible that empowers them with learning, creatively.

Our internship for the year 2018 are now closed. Please watch out for this space for our next batch, here. You can volunteer or register with us by applying here.