Intern Speaks – Rishank Srivastava

Intern Speaks – Rishank Srivastava

Rishank is an Engineering Student at Pune Institute of Computer Technology. He was selected from around 200 applications to undertake 2 months of Internship with Yes! I Am Happy.

Post the completion of his internship which included executing the on-field sessions at Municipality School, Karve Nagar, Pune with co-intern, Snehal Gunjal, this is what Rishank shared with us. 

Rishank shares, “I have been trying to collect words to thank your team and you. I always wished to contribute in the upliftment of our society. Due to the tight schedule was unable to join any related organisation.”

Rishank distributing the craft materials prior to executing one of his sessions.

Further, he adds, “All my searches were successful when I found YIAH. Initially, I doubted how would a work from home internship benefit me? As the internship started, each day I got to learn something new. Having reached my third year of engineering I hardly knew anything about our education system. The weekly SLMs(Self-Learning Material) proved as a medium to gain insight into how our educational system functions.

As days passed, we explored more about this topic. These not only increased our knowledge but acted as stepping stones for the session we had to conduct in our last phase of the internship.”

Finally when we conducted these sessions is when we got to know the ground reality of government schools. This is when we came to know that all of us are born with equal calibre but in different circumstances. If we could help them get over these hardships, these kids would definitely showcase their true mettle.

Thank you for considering me worthy for this internship. Would be ever ready to help YIAH in whichever way possible.

Lastly, all I would say is, “Yes! I am happy”.