Daan Utsav – Celebrate the Joy of Giving!

Daan Utsav – Celebrate the Joy of Giving!

#DaanUtsav (earlier called the Joy of Giving Week) is India’s ‘festival of giving’. Launched in 2009, the festival is celebrated every year – commencing on Gandhi Jayanti – from October 2 to 8. From auto rickshaw drivers to CEOs, school children to celebrities, homemakers to opinion leaders and media personnel, millions of people from all walks of life come together during this week to give their time, money, resources, or skills back to society.


It would be wonderful if you could yourself or ask your friend to do one of the following acts of kindness/giving:

  1. Make paper bags using old newspaper and give them away.

  2. Talk to a homeless person. Gift a meal, or a pair of footwear.

  3. Stand at a traffic light for an hour and help people cross the road.

  4. Make a pot of chai and serve it to night watchmen.

  5. Give a hug to a sweeper and thank him for his work.

  6. Have a bucket bath — save water!

  7. Go to lunch with your office peon and learn his life story.

  8. Take public transport on your next trip, and donate saved money.

  9. Give a gift to the sweeper in your society.

  10. Avoid plastic for 7 days; carry a cloth bag instead.

  11. Give your maid a surprise paid day off.

  12. Clean a statue in a public place.

  13. Have a party with children of domestic helpers in your society.

  14. Volunteer for a week at an orphanage or a home for the elderly.

  15. Help a rag picker collect and carry waste for an hour.

  16. Sponsor a movie ticket for someone who can’t afford it.

  17. Help read to someone who is illiterate.

  18. Gather a few friends and clean up a public park.

  19. Take some street kids on a Joy Ride in your car or in a taxi.

  20. Sit in a bus and buy tickets for all the passengers in the bus.

  21. Chat with elders about their advice to future generations.

  22. Help your maid clean the floor

  23. Help your cafeteria’s waiter with self-service.

  24. And more of what you can think of!

What follows next?

There are four simple steps to take a #HappyDot selfie ­-

  1. Do an act of giving in context to the #DaanUtsav week from 2­-8 October.

  1. Put a Happy Dot sticker on your cheek/finger/hand. Alternatively, you could also draw the Happy Dot with simple marker pen.

  1. Take a Selfie.

  1. Mail that Selfie with your facebook id to sharingforhappiness@gmail.com,

  How you can be a part? (Download the Letter to get started!) | Watch Video 

Daan Utsav
Celebrate the Joy of Giving | Image Credits: joyofgivingweek.org