Featured by UNESCO – GEM Report 2016

Featured by UNESCO – GEM Report 2016

We extend our greetings for your support! It is our pleasure to share that we are now contributor at the Global Education Monitoring Report -2016, by UNESCO.

We are proud that it is the only Indian Photograph in the Report!


Yes! I Am Happy – Founder’s Note:

It feels extremely joyful to share that almost 2 years ago I came up with a report & captured a photograph of Jaspreet & Harman reciting a story from their braille story book at Society for the welfare of the Handicapped, Patiala. Today it has appeared in the Global Education Monitoring Report – 2016 by UNESCO as the one only Indian Photograph from contributions across the Globe.
My Heartiness wishes extend to Col. Karminder Singh & Renu Singla for believing in me & allowing me to contribute for an year full of creativity and Happiness at Patiala School For the Deaf & Blind.

About the Report

Starting in 2016, a new series of reports entitled the Global Education Monitoring (GEM) Reports will monitor the state of education in the new framework of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The first report in the series, the 2016 Report, due out on 6 September, will establish a new monitoring framework for education post-2015, and examine key financing and governance challenges for the post-2015 era. Entitled ‘Education for people and planet: Creating sustainable futures for all’, the Report will examine the complex interrelationships and links between education and key development sectors. It will determine which education strategies, policies and programmes are most effectively linked to the economic, social, environmental and political priorities of the new sustainable development agenda. 

Download the report at ( http://gem-report-2016.unesco.org/en/home )
Full Report (PDF) – http://goo.gl/zfl6GT