The Indian Education System: Degree stands before Knowledge

The Indian Education System: Degree stands before Knowledge

In recent years, the quality as well as the value and meaning of education changed totally. People just want to be educated but don’t care if they are employable or not. All they require is just a degree or the certificate of completion. They memorize things for exam sake and they forget everything after the exams are over. Where does this sort of system lead to? The question is still unanswered in words, but it can be seen in the form of unemployment or poorly qualified workforce which is hindering the growth of the entire country.

Whatever the type of education, in India, the certificate is given more priority, to an extent where even printing of fake certificates for a large sum of money, which is illegal, is being done openly. This shows that there is something wrong with the attitude of people towards education; they only see it as a luxury than an essential commodity. Right from primary schools to colleges / universities corruption is prevalent everywhere, even in the admissions of students and staffs. Some demand more donation for the school which is unaccounted as it’s against the fee norms set by the education ministry.

In India, it is funny to see many people memorizing their text books and producing the exact photocopy of it on the paper without even knowing what it is that they studied, it’s not completely their mistake, but also that of teachers and parents who pressurize students just to get marks and perform well in tests and exams. It is shocking to hear news of suicides in large number, just because those students scored less or failed in few subjects. This shows how much people prioritize performance in exams compared to knowledge.

Due to such attitude of this society, education has become highly profitable business, if well-organized one can earn a lifetime profit, so many schools take advantage of this and promise to produce results and hence earn more and demand more fees. This is seen in the way how any parent selects a school or college, they only see if it produces results or provides placements and doesn’t see other aspects about the institution. They even fail to check out the institutions infrastructure and are sweet talked into joining it by luring them with so called “Results”.

Many students when asked what their objective in life was, told that they need to get a degree and a job, none wanted to learn anything new or serve the society, all they wanted is to make money by working for themselves, nothing is wrong with what they wanted but the irony is very less percentage of the students are employable. This can be seen in the high unemployment rates in the country.  

Thus, this condition would only change when people go after knowledge rather than certificates, and become employable than just educated. This cannot be done through any fancy scheme of the government, it can be only done through self awakening and developing an unquenchable thirst for knowledge, and learn instead of memorizing for exams.

Article by Nilisha Nili, Intern, Yes! I Am Happy

This article is purely based on personal views and presents a perception from the context of youth who demands justice to be done to education and its deliverance. Image Source: Here