Government Schools | The Dark Side

Government Schools | The Dark Side

Government Schools follow the Right to Education Act and Twenty Five per cent of seats in these schools are reserved for the under privileged and minority sections. But not everything is black and white.

  • Government schools as we know runs on the states revenue , though it spends more money , its outcome is very poor.

  • The highest part of expenditure on such government run schools is the teacher salary which comes up to 80% & for non-teaching staff it comes up to 8%, no wonder the infrastructure is so poor.

  • Teachers of government schools are allowed to contest elections as the law states one who contests in election must not hold an office of profit, hence most of the times they are busy on their election work.

  • Most of the government school teachers while away time instead of teaching, this was shown by a survey conducted by NDTV, In one school they had noticed that the teacher himself taught the spellings of the month wrong and did not even know how many days were there in a year. Continue here

  • Most government school lacks even the basic infrastructure like toilets, and in some places the schools were confined to only one room, even worse few schools only existed on paper.

  • High drop-out rates are mostly due to lack of basic facility like toilet and also due to teacher absenteeism and lack of qualified teachers and also lack of teaching activity mostly.

  • Most of the parents prefer private schools to government schools.

  • Many students in government school lack the ability to read , they just memorize and write exams rather than  understanding the subject, what more can be done if the teacher himself/herself does not  what he/she is teaching.

  • Though the government provides uniform and books to students, many prefer not to go to the school due to lack of teachers or some other reason. The fee of government school is subsidized to almost nothing.

  • Corruption is one main reason owing to which there is no proper development. One such incident was supplying of adulterated food ,in the mid day meal scheme , causing food poisoning for many small school kids. Many similar incidents had happened earlier.

Article by Nilisha Nili, Intern, Yes! I Am Happy