FALAKUNAMA TALES – Story of Rupees 10!

FALAKUNAMA TALES – Story of Rupees 10!


The city of Nizams, royalty and not to forget the city of Pearls!

The city has many feathers in its cap but this glory, wealth & grandeur has a contracting edge too.

Amongst those, one is OUTSKIRTS OF FALAKANUMA! This anecdote is not about the affluence & prosperity of Falakunama palace. It is about the life and indoctrination of the people living there.

Like it says, the darkness lies under the lamp! Besides the luxurious hotels & grand fort it is the hearth of many nascent & fledging beginners.

Somewhere in those filthy lanes, sweeping walls, sediment sewage and stingy pathway stands out a RAINBOW HOME, a NGO funded learning center for kids who are eager to learn so as to thrive and blossom in the life but bashed with the harsh reality of life. Everyone’s life is not alike bouquet of roses and scented presumes for some it is a thorny bush offering spikes at each step.

There lives the most impeccable and pure souls of the world. The children! They are the powerhouse of ambitions, tremendously energetic to learn and excel. They aspire to raise and stand out in world. Most of them are orphans and rest are alike orphans, being spurn and scorn out from their families. Be it due to financial crisis or ignorance over the gender. Needless to say much about the reasons for such rejections. But those kids have accepted the rejections as warriors. They wore their heart on sleeves and cheerful smile on their face. The purest smile in world anyone can witness. Amidst all the dark and gloomy life they are supposed to live, they chose to smile with cheer.

Their fun multiplied when they got a tutor. Being far from the city, volunteers resists from going due to obvious reasons. But finally they got a tutor to suffice their hungry to learn.

Then starts the journey of learning under the moonlight!

Pranay, an engineering graduate very inquisitive to teach them. Then began the sessions of learning mathematics, science and not to forget the fun part. No class is complete with fun, since Pranay too being very joyous and sparkling never turns out the 4 hours class to boring lectures. Starting from basic mathematics concepts and ends at sparking laughter of kids.

Well, I missed to tell one thing, Pranay is from Rajasthan and not to forget the kids were way too interested to know about his homeland, his life, what he does and we all know about the curious minds of kids. From every corner, a question pops out, some on teachings and other on his homeland. As the clock turns to 6, it’s the time to end the class, before leaving for hostel the boys chose to bid bye and shake hands. Since Pranay was to travel back home and only way was through rails, In the midst of the warmth good byes, a kid offered to help him by bringing the rail ticket for him, since the station is nearby, he gave him Rs.10 note. Nothing new in this but the question that came back was, “Bhaiya, apke wahan bhi 10 rupaiye ka note aise ho hota hai? (Does the same paper note works in Rajasthan too?)”, astonishing for everyone’s ears!  But not for the kid, he asked it out of quest and eagerness. For the time being he answered his query and made him understand, the currency is ecumenical and unbound in each country.

But the question that lingers in my mind is how come a kid of 12-15 didn’t know about the currency? Their impression of how world works really amazes me. That one incident triggers many question about their understanding and most importantly their learning. How come no one told them the currency is global term. One of the most comprehensive and universal term though with varying value and dimensions across countries borders.

It somewhere disheartens me, the quality of education given in schools not getting into the rivalry of government and public school. Might possible, the kids studying in high rated and opulent schools too lack in basic knowledge of things around.

We all know kids have their own fantasy world, where they rule but the ground reality is nowhere similar to their thoughts. Their understanding is bizarre, though we can’t blame their understanding the flaws is in the way they are taught. The way they are made to cram concepts. Be it’s about general knowledge or about the other mathematical concept like HCF. Maximum of them will calculate HCF in minutes but rarely some will understand the logic and the reason to calculate it.

We need to understand, the sole purpose of education is to turn mirrors into windows! It is not about solving the random calculations and conclusions. Our species needs and deserves a citizenry with minds wide awake and a basic understanding of how the world works.

Framed by Himani Anand, Software Engineer, Hyderabad.

This article is purely based on personal views and presents a perception from the context of youth who demands justice to be done to education and its deliverance. Image Source: Here