DIVERGENT FABLE | Parents & Education

DIVERGENT FABLE | Parents & Education

Recently Bihar toppers story drew lot of attention and scrutiny. All thanks to Media! Well, I am not going to dig the dead again. But the crux of that plot is really disturbing and intimidating.

What’s more disheartening and alarming is the child’s confession: “Maine papa se kaha tha, pass krva dijiye, unhone to TOP hi kra diya’’ (I asked my father for passing marks, he made me top the exams.)

Amidst, all this storyline, I fail to understand the reasons of such hideous and illicit deeds of her father. We all know, parents are delighted to see their kids successful. Though, successful is not the appropriate word. They want their kids to earn an efficient portfolio, so that they can flaunt. They are engrossed in branding promote their kids talent.

Most of you won’t be liking these speculations of mine, these sound like the old and obsolete theories now. We will talk on that later but let’s first stick to the prime source of this topper’s story.

Being an adolescent, we all at some time would have been rigid for our demands. It might be possible that some of them would have been fulfilled by our parents and if not, then they would have been reluctant to complete them. Considering if our demands were really rational and worth fulfilling. At that time most of us would have doubted our parents’ love & efforts they put in for our betterment but later the wise story unfolds leaving us efficient enough to understand their points.

But in this case, some parents took it way too seriously. Their child’s illogical demands were more important for them than their own wisdom. Shocking though! But that banner of selfless and endless love is the most suited explanation I can think as of now. Apparently, the only purported and hypothetical reason. Though, it is the most impromptu and irrational. But there’s nothing much one can reach at.

Let’s just turn around the key points of this story. Sometimes changing the angle of prism leads to a new and improved perception.

If her father would have chosen wisdom over circumspect and skeptical demands of her daughter. The story would have been all different and logical. Along with that, the question that somewhere lingers is the demand of the girl. The most illegitimate demand! What made the girl to ask such a naive appeal?

The moment news channels were flushed with the topper’s scam news, in a minute all jumped to the conclusion of blaming the system. The education system! Bihar’s ruling structure!  All set to find the loopholes and flaws in the system. Well, it has been our tradition to just target others and to initiate the never ending blame game.  We are least interested in understanding the sensitivity of the issue and are keen to aim the most suitable entity for accusations. Be it a person or system. THE SYSTEM IS CORRUPT, but we forget we have made this system. Only the system is wrong, the one who has created this system are the purest creature born!

We all understand the meaning of DEMOCRACY, the most ironic definition. Allegedly blaming the system which is our own creation for our own betterment. Rather than twisting the situation, we need to twist and turn our own angles of perception, Change in perception is what we deadly need for now for improving the situation. We all heard about, IF GLASS IS HALF EMPTY OR HALF FULL, the question of personal point of view. Rather than figuring out, who is at blame, we need to focus, why we are facing such situation? We need to move from finding the loopholes to working on disrupt and depleting education system, the quality of education.

For attaining holistic development, we need to work inch by inch on each and every step initiating the change is the way education is departed and the way education is implied.


Framed by Himani Anand, Software Engineer, Hyderabad.

This article is purely based on personal views and presents a perception from the context of youth who demands justice to be done to education and its deliverance.