Let’s Learn More about Yes! I Am Happy.

Did you know?
1. More than eight million children under 6 live in approximately 49,000 slums across India.
2. Every fourth child in India (27.4 per cent of total children) resides in urban poverty.

Yes I Am Happy

Stunned? These statistics are rising everyday! Healthy food, sanitation, access to good living conditions pose a challenge for these kids to even think of attaining Quality Education. many Foundation, Non-profit organizations and others are working extremely well to bridge this gap and help a child in Urban Poverty attain the best education possible.

What is Yes! I Am Happy about?

Yes! I Am Happy is an Initiative wherein we work towards spreading joy and happiness in the lives of children from humble background in the Urban Poverty. How do we it?

1. We work on creating a solution oriented project catering to an existing stigma in a specific Urban Slum. The model purely works in three phases, Research (Problem Identification), Planning (assisted with mentorship to work on finding the best solution possible) Volunteerism & Crowdfunding to manage the resources and carry out the operations on field. We are learning in this context as on how to come up with the best solution possible.

Happy Friday, a campaign to address access to healthy food and toys for the street kids in the urban poverty, is where the journey of Yes! I Am happy begun.

Working on similar grounds Rangeen Kagaz, is another on-going project started last year in the month of  september aimed at Imparting Creative Education to the kids in the primary section (from grade 3 through 8 in the government & low income private & public schools in urban poverty) which inculcates in them a sense of interest by hands on learning experience through one of the learning tools, i.e. Origami (the art of paper folding).

We really want you to learn more about Rangeen Kagaz. Click Here


2. As parents, we are warned by educators and workforce experts alike that our children need improved 21st century skills. Without these skills, they will not be able to successfully participate in the global economy. They won’t be adequately prepared for college and work. But can children poverty even think of attaining such skills? This is wherein Yes! I Am Happy cater to these needs.

Our curriculum (also directed as a series of sessions) is designed in a way so as to impart education with the “3Rs + 4Cs” approach. But what, exactly, are 21st century skills? Are we just talking about computer and technology skills? And a lot other questions we address to! If you’re interested to know more, drop in a mail at smile@yesiamhappy.me to learn more. We would love to share with you!